YouStream enables instructors to live stream
classes and get paid all in the same platform.

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Who We Are and What We Do!

YouStream is on a mission to enable instructors to monetize their talents in a post Covid world by creating live experiences

YouStream is a payments-based, live-streaming platform that allows instructors to teach fitness classes via live-stream, facilitates collection of payments directly within the app, and seeds a community of like-minded members based on which instructors they take classes from.

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Live Classes, Unlimited Monetization Potential

With YouStream, instructors can now schedule a class, collect payment, and live-stream that class all in one app.

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Stream live classes within seconds from your mobile phone

Collect Payment

Get paid directly in our platform from people who attend your class

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Your classes are kept up for 24 hours so you have more opportunities to get paid

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Schedule your classes ahead of time and promote it to your network

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